Husky Safari – 1/2 Day Tour

Discover the winter wonderland and drive your own dog team thru Lapland’s vast nature.

Feel the power and the enthusiasm of the dogs and feel the chill on your face as you drive your own husky team through hushed forests, up snowy hills and over frozen lakes. Nothing but the panting of the dogs breaks the winter silence, and after only a short while you will feel like Jack London on an adventure through the far North

AnCa, our accomplished dog musher, will share her experience with you, guiding you on a two hours’ trip through the unspoiled nature of Lappeasuando. Far from the beaten track, you will drive our own private, hidden trails through the wildernessBefore you begin, you will be given appropriate clothing and mushing lessons.

After the tour and after saying goodbye to your team, you will warm up with a hearty lunch, cooked over the open fire in our cozy tent Kota.

Before the small group starts, you will get appropriate clothing and you will learn how to mush. After the tour and after saying good bye to your team you will warm up yourself with a hearty lunch, cooked on the open fire in our cozy tent Kota.


  • Drive your own team (two poeple per sled)
  • Own trails
  • Small group – max. 4 dogsleds per tour
  • Lunch in a traditional tent kota
  • Experienced sleddog guide


  • Price: 1445 SEK
  • Included: 2h Husky Safari Cloths, Lunch
  • Time: 9.30 am – 2 pm
  • Meeting point: Lappeasuando Restaurant
  • Conditions: Price is per person 2 people are driving one sled.
  • Children: Children must be 12 years old: Price 12 – 16years old 1045 SEK
  • Dates and bookings: Please check out our webpage.
    All the dates are online.
    Book directly online or call +46 970 501 70