Countless lakes, thick and almost unspoiled woodlands, bogs and infinite vastness characterise the subarctic nature of Lapland. A true paradise for nature lovers

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The arctic winter often already starts in October. The „blue season“ lasts from December to January and its breath-taking atmosphere is just magical.The polar winter lets the area shine in a magnificent play of colors. Northern lights and icy temperatures turn your stay in to an unforgettable experience to cherish.
Towards the end of March, temperatures start to rise above zero during the day, whilst staying frosty below zero at night.

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Summertime in Lapland starts end of May and is an absolute paradise for hikers, sporty people, fishermen and nature lovers.
Beginning of June, you can observe the fascinating natural spectacle from snow covered landscape turning into rich green land. In the bright shine of the midnight sun, you can enjoy the landscape day and night for two months. A truly unique experience.

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The luxury wilderness camp
It offers you a unique experience throughout the year. The magnificent landscape in the mid of the wilderness, with no roads or footpaths leading there, right in between the untouched rivers Kalix and Kaitum, makes this spot an unforgettable memory for everyone who has had the pleasure to enjoy it.
The authentically designed sauna, as well as the traditional Samitent, stands for an exceptional ambiance of peace and relaxation, far off from stress and the rush of the daily routine.

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