Our attractive Winter-Programm will turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience. You can either choose one of our arranged adventure-package or you can let us know what you wish to do. We will put together your own personal-activity-package.

Below, you can find all our Winter-Activities. Put together your own program. To do so, please follow this link: my personal activity program

Dogsledding tours with Huskies

The Huskies love their job, pulling and running is what makes them happy.Hundeschlittentouren

And they will let you know that they love it! Howling, jumping, barking and the sparkly glow in their eyes before you start off for your tour, will make everyone’s heart beat with excitement.
Before you head off for your Sleddogadventure, you will be instructed in all the little secrets of the sport. And most important, you will meet „your“ team-members. Single or in a pair, you will guide your dogs and your sled trough the entwined forest and you will feel like being in a fairy tale.
But the dogs will also let you experience their unbelievable strength and willpower. You will soon recognize that each dog has its own unique character

  • 2-3h – Huskysafari (2 Pers. per sled) – 1’100 SEK
    add. fee 1 Pers. per sled – 600 SEK
  • 4-5h – Huskysafari (2 Pers. per sled) – 1’550 SEK
    add. fee 1 Pers. per sled – 900 SEK
  • 2 Tage – Husky-Overnight tour incl. overnight stay in the wilderness camp  – 3’115 SEK
    add. fee 1 Pers. per sled – 1’800 SEK



If speed is your thing, you can come along for a snow scooter ride. After your first few kilometers you will have the hang of it and start to get more adventurous.
Your guide will then give you additional advice and tricks, so you can go off into the deep snow and test your skills. And you´ll never know, possibly you will suddenly get worm again by taking up a shovel and help to dig out one or two machines to get them back on the trail.

  • 2-3h – Scooter-Safari (2 persons per Scooter) – 1‘100 SEK
    add. fee 1 Person pro Scooter – 600 SEK
  • 4-5h – Scooter-Safari (2 persons per Scooter) – 1‘550 SEK
    add. fee 1 Person pro Scooter – 900 SEK


Pimpla is Swedish for ice-fishing, which in Sweden is the most popular folks sport.

Equipped with an ice drill, a fishing rod, bait, a warming reindeer skin and of course a pot of lovely warm coffee or tea, you will be off onto the next lake.
Drilling that hole into the ice will take some patience, but hopefully you will be rewarded with a nice sized catch.

  • 2h Icefishing with Guide – 580 SEK

Ski hiking and kick sled tours


You can enjoy nature while cross-country skiing or while riding along on your kicks led.

Like on a snowshoe tour, you can wander on the marked winter trail (currently 30km) or you can go cross country through the deep snow. Whatever you feel up to do.

  • 4 to 7 days Equipment rental– 450 SEK
    Free use of snowshoes, ice-fishing equipment and kicksled
  • Ski- and ski shoe per day: 200 SEK

Nordic wellness in the wilderness camp


You can’t visit Lapland without experiencing one of their famous saunas. There is nothing more relaxing, than to unwind in the sauna after an active outdoor day.

Our candlelight and wood firing makes our sauna at the wilderness camp extra cosy and romantic.

  • 4h Nordic Wellness – incl. transfer Lodge Camp, Sauna, inkl. Snacks – 390 SEK

ICEHOTEL in JukkasjärviIcehotel

The world’s most famous ice-hotel in Jukkasjärvi lies between Lappeasuando Lodge and the Kiruna airport. Every year, the ice is harvested from the nearby river Tornio and then shaped in to amazing pure beautiful snow and ice sculptures. This hotel is truly worth to have a look at. If you are searching for a really special event, you can book a room for the night at the ice-hotel.

  • Visits to the ICEHOTEL bevor your departure: Admission fee (accompanied) – 465 SEK

Northern lights watch and presentationNordlicht

Learn all there is to know about the fascinating northern lights and let them enchant you.

  • Northernlights Presentation – 50 SEK


Here you can find our current gripping Winter program as PDF >>>