Daniel Nordvall

Welcome to the fishing paradis Lapland!

In co-operation with Daniel Nordvall from Nordvall fishing offers Lappeasuando fishing courses in the fisch-rich river Kalix in Lappeasuando’s wilderness camp and in rivers and lacs in the wider area around the lodge.

Hello and very welcome to Lappeasuando!

My name is Daniel Nordvall. I am a fly fishing guide, educated at Tornedalens flokhögskola, where I was taught to guide fly fishing to both beginners and experienced fishermen. I come from a small town in north Sweden, called Gällivare. It is located in the heart of Lapland and close to spectacular mountains, calm forests and great fishing waters. I crew up in a forest Sami family and thru them I have learned to appreciate and respect nature and the wild life. I have been fishing the waters around Gällivare and Jokkmokk for over 15 years.

Hope to see you soon!
Daniel Nordvall

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