Fly Fishing

3-day fly fishing seminar with Jan
The river Kalix origins form the highest Swedish mountain called Kebnekaise. From there it twist and winds its way through Lapland’s nature past Lappeasuando and uncountable small villages until it reaches the gulf of Bothnia just north of Luleå.

Lappesuando’s wildernis camp lies directly beside the river Kalix. And the only way to reach it from the Lappeasuando Lodge is by boat.

Loads of trout, grayling and, up to mid of august, even salmon, swim in the Kalix. Lappeasuando has exclusive fishing rights just 4km from the Camp.

Program of the fly fishing seminar
The seminar is suitable for beginners as well as for more experienced fishermen. A group consists of not more than 6 participants. This way everybody can be taught individually.

The seminar starts on Monday 10:00 am
Transfer with the boat to the wilderness camp and introduction to the camp liv

Following, the seminar with your Guide Jan begins.

Jan’s great passion are sled dogs and touring with them through Swedish winters. During the Swedish summer, he loves to go fly fishing. Jan is an experienced outdoor guide and is very well familiar with the waters of north Sweden.

Jan will be staying in the camp until Wednesday, along with the seminar participants. He will be your cook and contact person for any issues.

The eating schedule will be negotiated in the group.

Beside the accommodation, you are welcome to use the sauna facilities as well as the restaurant and the tentkota.

The seminar ends on Wednesday 17:00 pm
16:30 pm transfer to Lodge

Price per person 5’200 SEK
4 – 6 participants

– 3 day fly-fishing seminar with Jan
– All meals and non-alcoholic beverages such as tea, coffee and juice
– Transfer to wilderness camp and back
– 2 overnight stays in one of the sheepcotes at the wilderness camp
– Sauna visits

Dates for summer 2017 are coming soon!

Your stay can be prolonged individually at the lodge.