3- Days Husky Safari

Wilderness pur on your 3-days Husky-Safari

Feel the power and the enthusiasm of the dogs and feel the chill on your face as you drive your own husky team through hushed forests, up snowy hills and over frozen lakes. Nothing but the panting of the dogs breaks the winter silence, and after only a short while you will feel like Jack London on an adventure through the far North.

Our dogsled guide will share his experience and his passion for dogsledding with you. Guiding you on three days through the unspoiled nature of Lappeasuando. Far from the beaten track, you will drive “your dog team” on our own private, hidden trails through the Kaitum reserve.

1st day:
After arriving at Lappeasuando you will be given your room. The “trapper” cabins are about 100m away from the lodge and the service house with showers and toilets. All the cabins do have a place with water. They are rather small but cozy and warm.

Before you will be served a nice 3-course dinner in the restaurant you will be given appropriate clothing and you will have the opportunity to great our dogs and to watch out for the northern lights.

2nd day:
After a hearty breakfast you meat your husky guide at 10.30 in the restaurant. Your guide introduces you into the secrets of dog mushing. Shortly after you stand on your dog sled and after about 2 hours driving, the group stops for a good lunch over the campfire out in the nature. Energized by the warm meal, the impatiently waiting dogs will pull you for another two hours through the winter wonderland.
Back at the lodge you can warm up yourself in the sauna before dinner.

3rd day
Today you head out for the two days tour where you spend the night in Lappeasaundo’s rustic wilderness camp. But before arriving at the camp you will drive your dog team for about 4 hours and you will have lunch on trail. Later in the camp you dine in front of a wooden heated stove and relax in the traditional Swedish sauna. With some luck the northern lights dance on the sky.

4th day
Early in the morning you help feeding the dogs. Shortly after your breakfast you head out again into the white winter wonderland. This day you will be back around 12 o’clock at the lodge where you say goodbye to “your” dogs. A nice lunch will be served in the restaurant. Enjoy a free afternoon in the sauna or on a snowshoe walk in the near surrounding.

5th day
Transfer to the airport or the ICEHOTEL after breakfast.

If your flight leaves in the afternoon, you have the opportunity to visit the world famous ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi.


  • Drive your own team
  • Own trails
  • Small group
  • Overnight in Lappeasuando’s Wilderness Camp and in our “trapper” cabins
  • Experienced sleddog guide
  • Traditional Swedish sauna
  • Northern lights

Included in the price:
Accommodation, full board, all activities
Please contact the lodge to arrange your transfer from Kiruna or Gällivare!

not included:


Special request
If you rather prefere to stay at the lodge in a hotel room with shower and toilet please contact me!
We can arrange transfers from Kiruna and Gällivare – please contact the lodge