Virtual Husky Tour

In those times, where travelling is restricted, we invite you to dream from your next holiday in the winter wonderland from Swedish Lapland!
Lay back, relax and enjoy our “Virtual Husky Tour”
Did you like the tour? Are you dreaming from an adventure in Swedish Lapland?
Press the bottom “book now”.
Your pay 50 SEK (about 5 Euros) and you will get a voucher for a discount for your next tour och holiday in Lappeasuando!
Tour/arrangement more than 1500 SEK = reduction of 150 SEK
Tour/arrangement more than 5000 SEK = reduction of 300 SEK
Tour/arrangement more than 10’000 SEK = reduction of 550 SEK
E-mail us and we will discuss your tailor-made program for next winter!