Wilderness Camp

Our luxury wilderness camp offers you a unique experience throughout the year.

The magnificent landscape in the mid of the wilderness, with no roads or footpaths leading there, right in between the untouched rivers Kalix and Kaitum, makes this spot an unforgettable memory for everyone who has had the pleasure to enjoy it.

The authentically designed sauna, as well as the traditional Samitent, stands for an exceptional ambiance of peace and relaxation, far off from stress and the rush of the daily routine.

Approximately 2.5 Km lies between our Lodge and our Wilderness camp. During the winter, you can reach the wildernis camp by scooter, dogsled, skis or snowshoes. Either travelling the river or through the forest. During summer we have our own boat shuttle-service to bring our guest to the Wilderness camp. Canoeists of course have the possibility to reach the camp through their own strength.

Our programs in the camp:
2-days Husky Safari
Secret Escape
Lapland Digital Detox